Amazing finds in old barns and buildings

Discarded valuables left to rotYou'd think expensive items would be hidden in barns, garages, and sheds.

 Not always, as these amazing finds illustrate.

From a 300-year-old statue repurposed as a doorstop to a hidden super-rare vehicle, check out some of the most precious objects found in barns and abandoned buildings.

Ancient Mayan artifacts: $16,500"Junk removal specialist" might not sound like a dream job, but discovering unusual . 

Valuable items like these ancient Mayan artifacts has got to be a perk. Nick DiMola, a New York-based junk removal specialist. 

discovered these items when cleaning out an abandoned SoHo apartment in 2009. 

The haul of ancient figurines, bowls and jugs was valued at $16,500.

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