America's smallest homes you have never seen

Mendy's Shoebox, Eads
This tiny house on wheels is eight feet by sixteen feet and built by Tiny Happy Homes. A little terrace outside gives valuable extra room .

Cubix, Seattle
This micro-studio, available for rent from $1,095 per month, has it all. The couch converts to a bed and a workstation is built into the kitchen cabinets. 

Cubix, Seattle
The kitchen is spacious and includes a huge refrigerator and microwave. Despite being in the heart of Seattle, the flat is equipped .

Emigrant, Montana, little house
This wooden little cabin in rural Montana is perfect for grizzly bear lovers. Yellowstone National Park is about a 30-minute drive away.

Micro-penthouse, New York
Life Edited, a design firm specialising in space-efficient living, developed this small apartment in the glittering New York skyline. 

Mobile home in Orlando, Florida
This 280 square foot self-built tiny house in Orlando has two micro-lofts, one now utilised as a bedroom and the other as a reading nook or storage area.

The Nest, Phoenix
This little house in Phoenix is built on a bespoke trailer so you can move it whenever you want. Large floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space-efficient living room with light. 

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