Meet the Arctic family living in a biodome

The amazing dome home
The brave Hjerteflger family opted to build a sustainable dwelling under a glass dome in the midst of Norway's Arctic Circle. 

Despite the hard circumstances, they have lived in the unique residence since 2014, and their household expenditures have been reduced to nearly nothing. 

A brave family
Hjerteflger means 'heart-followers', and this family of six was determined to make their ideal of sustainable living a reality, despite the challenges. 

Heavenly Spot
Inspired by a comparable property created within a greenhouse, Ingrid and Benjamin set out to build their own eco-friendly home in one of the world's coldest regions. 

The Arctic Circle region, home to only a few million people, has some of the world's most harsh weather. 

Getting inspired
The weather wouldn't stop them from attaining their goal. ‘Nature houses' are houses inside greenhouses .

The Naturhus was designed by Bengt Warne in 1976. It would help keep residents warm and allow them to cultivate their own fruit and vegetables even in the most harsh climates.

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