Australia's abandoned tourist traps

Australia is riddled with abandoned attractions, from vacation resorts to theme parks. While some have been completely demolished.

Oz's Fall

A shuttered hotel sits in a tranquil provincial hamlet in southern NSW. The bar and hotel, founded in 1926, closed its doors in 1998.

Royal George Hotel

Built in 1981 in Perth's Two Rocks district, this Roman-inspired resort had big plans. Its centrepiece was a vast amphitheatre overlooking a pool where dolphin.

Atlanti Marine Park, Western Australia

African Lion Safari, founded in 1968 by circus owner Stafford Bullen, was a popular family attraction for up to 200,000 tourists per year.

African Lion Safari, New Wales

A visit to the deteriorating ruins of the historic Royal Hotel in Queensland's outback is a must for 4WD enthusiasts travelling the infamous Birdsville circuit.

The Royal Hotel in Queenland

In 1861, Kiandra gained a new reputation: skiing. By the 1870s, skis made of fence palings were popular among Norwegian miners.

Kiandra Ski Resort, NSW

The Capricorn International Resort, now abandoned, was once a gem in Yeppoon, the southern Great Barrier Reef's entryway. It featured two golf courses, direct beach access.

Capricorn Resort

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