Best places to witness a spectacular sunrise

Dawns that stun
An early morning wake-up call isn't always a pleasure, but seeing a spectacular sunrise more than makes up for it.

Sydney Harbour
From October to May, and from June to September, a special excursion allows you to see the sunrise from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Angkor WatAngkor Wat, the world's biggest religious monument, is part of a massive temple complex west of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Originally a Hindu temple.

There are special hikes up Snowdon to see the sunrise from the 3,560-foot (1,085m) top. The five- to seven-hour hike isn't easy, but strolling beneath a starry sky  is well worth it.

Delta, Botswana
The Okavango Delta in Botswana is called "Africa's last Eden" due to its pristine character. The Okavango River floods the Kalahari Desert.

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is one of Asia's great wonders. The bay's towering karst structures are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 20 years. 

New York's Brooklyn Bridge
A stunning sunrise does not always require being in the wilderness. Set your alarm to see the sunrise over Brooklyn Bridge before the masses. 

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