Beautiful French villages to visit

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France's villages range from mediaeval fortifications to tiny riverside hamlet. A new book, The Most Beautiful Villages in France (Flammarion, 2022), compiles. 

Barfleur, Manche

Barfleur, a mediaeval harbour on the Cotentin Peninsula, with ties to the dukes of Normandy and England. There are now modest fishermen's huts and sumptuous 15th-century homes.

Lavardin, Loir-et-Cher, Loire-Val

Lavardin, Loir-et-Cher, Loire-Val
Lavardin is a historic village with prehistoric caves and mediaeval homes. Castle ruins,  Richard   Lionheart attacked in 1118.

Belvès, Dordogne, N.A.

From its hilltop perch, Belvès offers a breathtaking view of the Périgord Noir countryside. Many of its historic elements remain, including cave shelters.


Rochefort-en-Terre, on the border of the Morbihan Gulf and the Brocéliande Forest, was formerly a powerful commercial post. Its wealthy past is reflected in its old covered market. 

Piana, Corse-du-Sud

Piana, on the island of Corsica, overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Porto from the UNESCO-listed Calanque de Piana. Highlights include the large Chapelle Sainte-Lucie.

Polignac, Haute-Loire, AVR

Polignac, in the Haute-Loire, has a stronghold perched on a basalt outcrop overlooking the Meygal and Mézenc mountains. A castle was built here in the 1st century.

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