Canada's summer coastal towns

Coast to coast
Canada is unique in that it borders the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. As a result, the country boasts a lot of coastline, with charming fishing villages .

Tofino, BC
Tofino, on Vancouver Island's west coast, has long drawn surfers and storm watchers seeking a sense of isolation. 

Lunenburg is the epitome of a cute East Coast town. Around 70% of the town's original 18th and 19th century buildings are still intact and painted in the town's trademark brilliant hues.

Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI, is a little fishing community with a lot of marine appeal. The Trans-Canada Highway skirted the town in the 1950s, allowing it to keep its historic charm. 

Shediac, N.B.
Shediac, home to a famous gigantic lobster monument and the world's largest lobster fishery, is also a centre of Acadian culture. 

Twillingate, NL
Twillingate is a settlement on Newfoundland's Twillingate Islands, slightly north of the province's main island. With massive icebergs right off the coast of Notre Dame Bay.

Percé, Qc
For its Percé Rock, a massive offshore rock formation with a natural arch at the bottom, Percé is a famous marine location of Québec. 

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