Best Camping States of United States

The alternatives for a weekend vacation into nature are unlimited given the diversity of natural environments in the US. 

Campsites range from sea bluffs to remote mountain meadows, and each state has its own preference. 

Prefer a posher hotel? Here are the greatest B&Bs in every state. 24/7 Tempo analysed a list developed by LawnLove. 

A lawn care startup that regularly researches city and state amenities. 

Weighed criteria in five categories: access, affordability, quality, supplies, and safety were used to rank all 50 states. 

Access metrics include campgrounds, State and National Park acreage, hiking trails, activities, and attractions.

Alaska, Texas, and California, all major states with lots of open space, scored highly in the access area. 35.8 million acres of state.

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