Bird-watching, like knitting before it, is a retro-cool grandma-and-grandpa hobby.

See if you can rent SUP equipment near your campsite. Your balance and core strength will improve while you enjoy the views.

Find a route and go! Hiking gets your body moving, gets you outside, and embodies all the reasons to go camping.

Bait your hook, cast your line, and hope. In the end, you'll remember the conversations and the bonding time more than the catch.

Painting masterpieces en plein air, or in nature, has a long artistic tradition. Take sketchbooks and art supplies and go somewhere scenic to be inspired.

It's difficult to capture the feeling of being in nature, but you can try nature photography.

Toss a Magical Flame pouch into your campfire for mystical and magical flames! Those cool flames can't cook over.

This is another weekend game. The first five across, down, or diagonally wins!

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