Is it possible for a cruise ship to depart without you?

Let me tell you about the "pier runners" phenomena among cruise passengers. 

These are people who lose track of time while in a port, on the beach, shopping, or otherwise occupied — prominent watering places like Margaritaville and Senior Frogs are frequently involved. 

If they're lucky, they'll discover they're late and dash back to their ship before it departs for the next port. 

If they're not fortunate, the gangway will be up and the cruise liner will depart without them. 

On social media, these sad bags create a lot of commotion. You'll get the idea if you Google "pier runners." 

You don't want to be a part of their gang. A cruise ship can depart without you, and being left behind will cost you a lot of money. 

Here are several strategies to prevent this from happening, as well as what to do if it does.

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