Climate crisis: amazing places in jeopardy

Awe-inspiring locations at risk

Global warming is threatening many of the world's most beautiful landmarks, bringing with it unpredictable consequences like flooding and drought. 

Reef is in peril.The Great Barrier Reef's famed colour kaleidoscope may soon vanish. The ocean temperature around this magnificent coral reef has climbed to record highs.

The Great Barrier

Reduced water flow and nutrient contamination have put the Everglades National Park in jeopardy, endangering the species that calls it home. the biggest  stand of sawgrass.

The Everglades in danger

Rising sea levels have begun to endanger the Everglades National Park's distinctive tropical wetlands. UNESCO recognises its extraordinary biodiversity.

The Everglades in danger

The Maldives, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, may not be welcome holidaymakers and honeymooners for long. 

The sea may devour the Maldives

The Chacaltaya Glacier in the Andes used to be the world's highest ski slope. The 18,000-year-old edifice is now only a few ice patches at its pinnacle. 

Bolivia's Chacaltaya Glacier is nearly gone

They are a small group of coral atolls and volcanic islands in the western Pacific. At least five of the archipelago's islands are already buried, with ocean levels .

The Solomon Islands vanish

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