Could you escape these fantastic mazes?

Parma's Masone Labyrinth

This huge star-shaped maze in Parma, Italy, claims to be the world's largest labyrinth. The gigantic bamboo maze is made up of over 200,000 bamboo plants .

An enchanting vino-themed maze on the Bago Vineyard in New South Wales. It's the region's and world's largest maze, with over 1.2 miles (2km) of routes slicing .

Bago Maze, Australia

The award-winning York Maze is Europe's largest maze, covering an area larger than eight football fields. The huge maze, made from over one million maize plants. 

York Maze

This world-renowned corn maze in Spring Grove, Illinois, boasts 10 miles of trails snaking through 28 acres of live corn. 

Richardson Corn Maze

The meticulously maintained hedges at Andr├íssy Castle form an interesting squid-like shape that will baffle and intrigue. 

Maze of Andrássy Castle, Tiszadob

Every year the vast corn labyrinth at Skylark Garden Centre in Cambridgeshire changes shape. In 2019, guests had to navigate a maze shaped like  Woody and Buzz .

Skylark Maize Maze, UK

The Dole Plantation's stunning three-acre maze in Hawaii is sure to impress. 14,000 Hawaiian plants were employed to sculpt the giant labyrinth into  pineapple shape. 

Hawaii Pineapple Garden Maze

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