On Earth Day and Everyday, 10 Ways to Be a Better Traveler

Traveling Green Tips
It's difficult to gradually adopt more sustainable solutions in your personal and professional life, but it's essential. 

Make a Plan
Sustainable travel starts with planning, when travellers evaluate where they want to go, where they want to stay, and what they want to do when they get there. 

Travel with a Low Carbon Footprint
Travel techniques also emit varying amounts of CO2. Some modes of travel allow you to track your carbon emissions. Some trip companies provide carbon offsets.

A Green Hotel
This is because most people identify sustainability with vacation rentals. However, resorts can do major environmental harm .

Travel Waste Reduction
Reducing your trip's waste is a wonderful approach to lessen your environmental impact. There are several strategies to reduce waste, such as bringing a reusable water. 

Join Voluntourism Initiatives Voluntourism is one option for travellers to directly participate in sustainability activities. Voluntourism is easy (and rewarding) in Hawaii. 

Volunteer at a Local Park or Reserve Conservation of natural resources and animals is another crucial part of sustainability. Visiting a sanctuary, reserve, or park . 

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