How to calculate your travel carbon footprint

Not only can you calculate your daily emissions, but you can also calculate them for a vacation or event. To better understand the process, we produced this guide on travel-related carbon emissions.

We'll look at how to calculate your footprint for housing and transportation, as well as how to buy an offset and which services are the most reliable.

A nonprofit organization called Sustainable Travel International says tourism contributes to 8% of global carbon emissions.

A carbon footprint calculator may calculate your daily and travel emissions.

These calculators consider travel's average carbon emissions. According to Sustainable Travel International's calculation, a person emits 0.14 to 0.55 kilos  of carbon per kilomete.

But planes and cargo also matter. Fuel type is significant for various modes of travel. Some calculations also incorporate manufacturing emissions. 

 The Enviornmental Protection Agency, for example, provides a carbon footprint calculator, but it only calculates your footprint in three areas: energy, transportation, and waste.

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