How long will planes require masks?

The easing of the CDC's indoor mask guidance earlier this year generated arguments about.

Whether the federal transportation mask mandate, due for renewal on April 18, might be lowered as well. 

A mask extension is “absolutely on the table,” according to the doctor. “I know the CDC is working on a scientific basis for how to answer that,” Jha said on NBC's Today show.

We should see the framework in the next several days.”

A updated policy framework for when and under what conditions masks should be required in the public transit corridor would be developed by CDC, TSA stated, implying that the mask restrictions.

The Biden administration and the CDC ordered masks must be worn on aeroplanes, airports, ships, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and in train.

Since February 25, school buses and vans are excluded. Since mid-2020, US airlines have required passengers and workers to wear masks.

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