In  life, Once visit Scotland

Scotland has always been a show-stopper, with its stately castles, glass-like lochs, and sensuous glens.

The country's allure ranges from its charming tiny villages to the picturesque, mountainous Highlands' snow-capped peaks to dynamic urban metropolis like Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

It has some of the best national parks in the United Kingdom, as well as more than 900 offshore islands teeming with wildlife such as royal red stags, majestic golden eagles. 

It's difficult to emphasise the raw, poetic beauty of this ancient land, formerly known as Caledonia. 

The bad news is that, like the rest of the United Kingdom, Scotland's weather is fickle, even in the summer.

But if you're willing to accept that and bring a raincoat for the occasional rainstorm, you'll be good from May to September.

 The best time to visit is in June and the first two weeks of July, when Scotland enjoys apparently endless summer evenings  and prices are still low due to the British school holidays.

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