Jeeps that everyone adores

Go. So do it!From the beaches of Normandy to the beaches of Southern California, the Jeep is an American emblem unlike any other. 

Jeep, a symbol of freedom and adventure for GIs and roadtrippers alike, introduced America's first SUV and made off-road driving accessible to everybody.

 Jeep has been updating, upgrading, and expanding its line for over 75 years, and recently unveiled an electric Wrangler concept that can travel from 0 to 60 mph in under two seconds. 

Let's look back over 80 years of various makes and models, each loved by someone.

Willys XVAlthough America was not directly involved in WWII in 1940, military planners expected to be soon. 

They needed a vehicle that could go everywhere, do anything (Jeep's trademarked phrase) and be easily repaired and maintained. 

Willys-Overland Motors submitted a compact four-wheel drive prototype that blew away Ford and Bantam's entries. The Willys Quad was the ancestor of all Jeeps.

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