Visit a diamond-mining ghost town that has been engulfed by sand.

In 1908, while laying track in remote section of Namibia, which was then under German colonial administration, local railway worker Zacherias Lewala discovered unpolish diamond. 

The rush for diamonds

Kolmann skuppe was named after a nearby hill where transport driver named Johnny Coleman was forced to abandon his waggon after being lost during sandstorm  in 1905. 

The town is booming

The residents of the community successfully constructed a German village in the desert, with buildings that nearly resembled corresponding structures back home. 

Oasis of tranquilly

The general store and the adjacent shopkeeper's home have been restored and are now used as a museum. The shop, which sold everything from the commonplace to the exotic .

Items of high value

The town's hospital is located at the end of the abandoned commercial strip. It was formerly a cutting-edge hospital with the latest medical technology. 

Hospital of the future

Dr. Kraenzle, one of the town's 2 doctors,  said to believe in curing illnesses with champagne, caviar, and would  give patients an evening glass of bubbly &  sandwich.

Suggestions that are intriguing

The town's once-swish boarding house,  reported to have housed unmarried German miners, is located  across from hospital. Local Ovambo contract workers,  were  forced for hut living. 

House of boarding

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