How humans are ruining our planet

How humans harm the globe

According to a recent IPCC study, we are headed for a climatic disaster. Floods, fires, & other extreme weather disasters  will become more frequent.

Images of the Great Barrier Reef's once-vibrant corals turned white are shocking. Coral bleaching happens when rising ocean temperatures stress corals, causing them to expel the algae. 


Using industrial-scale fishing tactics depletes our oceans. For example, bottom trawl fishing involves sweeping a giant weighted net along the ocean floor to catch fish.


The primary cause of climate change is the use of fossil fuels. Burning oil, gas, or coal emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which trap heat. 

Fossil fuels

Plastic has two sides. It's a great, versatile, and affordable material, but it's also a disaster for the environment. Not only does this wonder-material come from fossil fuels. 


Most of the world's population lives in light pollution. Despite fact that artificial light has changed our lives in the last century, the sheer number of artificial lights is practically.


Pesticides are increasingly being used by farmers worldwide to safeguard their crops from pests. According to a 2019 report, pesticide use could wipe out insects in the next century.


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