Recent discoveries at ancient sites throughout the world

Amazing ancient world insights

From Rome's Colosseum to England's Stonehenge, historic sites around the world draw thousands of visitors each year eager to unravel old mysteries. 

Hierapolis is a 2nd century BC Turkish city. Its dramatic remains, from crumbing baths to temple complexes, entice travellers from Pamukkale's travertine waters.

The 'portal to hell' at Hierapolis

In 2021, archaeologists discovered the ruins of two early-city dwellings.  Team of 30 archaeologists led by Professor Grazia  of Salento University investigated them.

Hierapolis's ancient dwellings

Dahshur's pyramid, while not the most famous in Egypt, holds many secrets. The Bent Pyramid (called for its odd shape) is located around 25 miles (40 km) south of Cairo.

The Bent Pyramid's Mysteries

The renowned Giza plateau continues to reveal secrets. Giza's Pyramids and Great Sphinx are among the world's most archaeologically rich sites.

Giza's ancient tombs

King Tutankhamun's last resting site in the Valley of the Kings still holds surprises. Some are out of this planet. When Howard opened  tomb in 1925, he found two daggers within.

Tololom's Mysteries

You've probably heard of Peru's renowned Inca citadel, but Chan Chan, a massive pre-Columbian monument further north, is largely overlooked.

New sights in Chan Chan, Peru

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