Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Kiev Meatballs Traditional

Chicken Kiev is a flavour explosion. Using the same concept, we created a fun meatball to mix up your dinner routine. It's great with mashed potatoes and broccolini.

Casserole of Ground Chicken

Want a nutritious ground chicken recipe that kids will eat? This veggie-packed cheesy casserole will have everyone at the table in no time.

Tex-Mex Meatballs

Spices and mild Hatch chilies flavour these delectable ground chicken meatballs. They're great as a light taco salad meal or an appetiser with guacamole and/or salsa.

Tacos de Pollo

These ground chicken tacos are loaded with crisp vegetables, crumbly queso fresco, and spicy smoked chipotle flavour.

Meatballs with Sesame

Dinner dilemma: meatballs or takeout? You no longer must! No need to pay for delivery when you can make a tasty meal from a packet of ground chicken!

Chicken Pad Thai

Make this 15-minute healthy ground chicken recipe once and it'll become a regular weeknight meal.

Chicken Swedish Meatballs

The savoury sauce (and heavy cream) maintain the dinner tasty while removing almost 9 grammes of saturated fat per serving. It's a simple approach to make this comfort food.

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