The ultimate Viking ship and itinerary guide

Some cruise lines aim to please everyone. Viking isn't one. Established in 1997, the luxury cruise line caters to an older, discerning traveller eager to see the world.

Most Viking customers are nearing or have reached retirement age, and they're eager to tour all the locations they didn't have time to see while raising children.

Viking offers a wide choice of ocean and river cruise itineraries that emphasise the destinations visited.

These aren't ship-centered cruises. Viking trips offer longer port visits, allowing passengers to discover historical places and local culture.

The route includes tours in every port, allowing passengers to have a guided tour without paying extra.

As part of its “no nickel and diming” ethos, Viking cruises are often quite inclusive.

On board, Viking emphasises “culture enrichment” – talks by specialists on issues connected to the ports visited, as well as cultural and culinary offerings often tied to the local area.

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