Summer road trips around the US coast

Ocean Drives
The USA has some magnificent landlocked routes through national parks and rivers. A trip along the coast, with roads that curve or soar across beaches.

Outer Banks National Scenic BywayThis byway winds through 140 miles (225km) of North Carolina's coastal islands.

Outer Banks Byway crosses various islands and provides a lovely intermission between the mainland and the Atlantic Ocean.

Olympic Peninsula Loop
This enormous national park has it all, from beaches to rainforest. The 329-mile (529km) ring that surrounds it offers a beautiful introduction to the landscape. 

Florida Highway 399
Pensacola, on the Florida Panhandle, has multiple exits. We advise choosing the scenic route, which is also the most seductive.

17-Mile Drive
The 17-Mile Drive (27km) at Pebble Beach, north of Carmel, is not for the faint of heart. This is a detour from the Pacific Coast Highway.

Hana Highway
The Hana Highway is 64 miles (103km) of pure paradise: a distillation of the scenery that comes to mind when you think of Maui.

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