Classic TV series still available

Timeless TV
There were just three networks back in the day, and you had to get up and cross the room to change channels.

Lucy 1951-1957
Everyone has a favourite “I Love Lucy” episode, and Lucy and her bandleader husband (Lucille Ball's real-life husband at the time, Desi Arnaz) still make us giggle.

From 1955 through 1965
This sometimes creepy, sometimes thrilling anthology show featured a slew of actors, including Robert Redford, Bette Davis, Steve McQueen, and others.

Beaver 1957-1963
The show was never a ratings hit, but when it was syndicated in the 1970s, it became a beloved piece of Americana.

Bewitched s1964-1972
Before “WandaVision,” there was Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery). The bizarre set-ups and fabulous 1960s clothes alone make this sitcom about a witch.

GI 1964-1967
The three-hour tour lasted only three seasons, but the show stayed in syndication for years. Iconic characters including the skipper, millionaire and his wife,  struggled alot.

Get Smart
A bit ridiculous at times (shoe telephone anyone?) but as much fun as a series developed by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry should be.

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