Famous American treasure seekers' finds

Treasure recovered by E. Lee Spence: $100 million
E. Lee Spence was a kid intrigued with lost shipwrecks and pirate treasure. In 1959, at the age of 12, he discovered his first shipwrec.

Treasure recovered by Tommy Gregory Thompson: $150 million
In 1988, Tommy Gregory Thompson became the toast of the treasure hunting world after unearthing the famous SS Central America. 

Brenton Easter, $250 million recovered treasure
Special Agent Brenton Easter is the Feds' Indiana Jones. The FBI detective specialises in retrieving stolen art and artefacts.

Barry Clifford, uncovered a $400 million treasure
In 1984, underwater explorer Barry Clifford uncovered the wreck of Samuel Bellamy's pirate ship Whydah, which sank in a storm off Cape Cod in 1717. 

Barry Clifford, uncovered a $400 million treasure
In 1988, the Massachusetts Supreme Court determined that Clifford owned the entire pirate ship, thus awarding him  $400 million gold and silver cargo.

Instead of auctioning off the ship's 200,000 items, Clifford built a museum in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

Mel Fisher, unearthed treasure worth $500 million
Mel Fisher was a legendary treasure seeker in America. Fisher, a former chicken farmer with a knack for locating things, coupled his investigative .

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