Before booking a yacht charter vacation, here's everything you need to know.

What if, like in the Bravo television show Below Deck, you could sail around the world with your family and friends on your very own yacht? 

Yes, you can!Imagine cruising among the affluent and famous on a motor yacht along the French Riviera. 

Exploring the Virgin Islands' hidden coves and quiet beaches on a sailing catamaran, with your own captain and crew looking after you. 

Boat charters can also entail being your own captain, sailing through the Florida Keys.

Along the River Thames in England, with your path determined by your whim for the day.

"A private charter is all about you!" says Carole Wacaster Borden, president and charter yacht broker for AquaSafaris, Inc. 

in Charleston, South Carolina. Are you ready to set sail? Here's all you need to know about chartering a yacht or a boat.

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