This Hidden Swiss Town Has Walking Trails  and  Stunning Train Ride

The Arosa train line winds its way up into the Swiss highlands from Chur, rising over 3,000 feet in just 16 miles.

Approximately 40 minutes into the one-hour ride, the train turns right at Langwies to cross the Langwieser Viaduct, a soaring wonder of Swiss engineering. 

So, when the train arrives in Arosa, it seems like home. You're at the mountain's end of the line. 

You've arrived at a lovely mountain community set into a valley flanked by snow-capped peaks.

Step off the train and horse-drawn carriages will take you to your accommodation.

 This is your dream Swiss town.

Although not as well-known as St. Moritz and Gstaad on the international ski circuit, Arosa is a popular destination for young Z├╝rich couples looking for a last-minute city break. 

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